Doing Good and Doing Well: Leveraging Resources for Your Cause

Apply Successful Fundraising Strategies and Create a Resource Development Plan for Your Organization

Like most nonprofits, your organization probably can use more funding. How do you cultivate donors so they feel ownership and pride in funding your programs, and keep coming back for more? What, at the end of the day, are donors looking for when they consider funding a nonprofit? What do they respond well to – and what turns them off – when approached by nonprofit executives and board members? Tony Silard, CSL’s Executive Director, raised over $12 million for youth programs in his former role as an ED of an international education organization.

In this very candid workshop, CSL will share the time-tested techniques Tony and other nonprofit executives have used to launch successful fundraising initiatives. You will learn how to set up a development department in your organization that mobilizes other staff and gives you sufficient support to expand your donor base and leverage your face-time with donors. You will also learn how to inspire your board to become more active fundraising ambassadors for the organization. You will learn various cutting-edge fundraising strategies and how they apply to raising funds from foundations, corporations, government agencies and individuals.

You will also learn how to do your homework and make the ask for the right program and the right amount within a context the donor will respond well to. You will examine a few sample pitches and develop your own pitch during role-plays while receiving group feedback.

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