Align Your Organization’s Core Values, Mission and Vision with Its Everyday Operations and Practices

Is your leadership primarily about where you are going, or what you are leaving behind? If your answer is the latter and you would like to build a sustainable organization, come to this workshop. What do you want to be remembered for? What makes you, and the organization, program or department you lead, distinct? How can you build loyalty and motivation among your employees toward a common purpose, something greater than any of you? If you were reading an article describing your nonprofit five years from now, what would you want it to say? What would you not want it to say?

In this workshop you will learn how to first identify your core values and vision, and then how to align your core values with the way you work from day-to-day. You will also learn how to align the core values of your organization with its everyday practices – including its hiring policies, structure, financial management and organizational strategy. These are the skills that will enable you to build an organization that is sustainable and can weather changes in the external environment.

This workshop will challenge many popular notions of leadership and will help you to refine your own definition of what it truly takes to build a lasting initiative from the ground up.

Workshop Impact

This leadership workshop will have a tremendous positive impact on:

  • The capacity of your organization to raise funds for its programs
  • The passion, commitment and effectiveness of your staff
  • The relevance and usefulness of your board

Some specific results you can expect to see are:

  1. Better hiring decisions as your organization hires more staff who ‘fit’ with the culture, vision and core values of the organization
  2. Tremendous increase in the achievement of programmatic and operational goals as your staff are able to make more vision-aligned decisions
  3. Executive staff who try less to be ‘front-stage stars’ and instead become ‘back-stage architects’ and help you build a sustainable organization
  4. Streamlined organizational procedures and processes that eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy
  5. Increased knowledge of strategic planning that enables enhanced discussions of strategic goals and initiatives at both departmental and organization-wide meetings
  6. Improved budgeting and financial accounting procedures that are aligned with organizational goals
  7. A more cohesive team of staff who are bound together by the clearly communicated core values, mission and vision of your organization

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