Community-Based Partnerships

If you live in a rural community in Africa, Asia or Latin America and would like to facilitate a Community-Based Partnership, please take a look at the Action Plan and let us know what you’d like to do!

Community-Based Partnerships Action Plan

If you are interested in becoming a donor for a Community-Based Partnership(s) or forming a social group of your friends and neighbors to consider potential Community-Based Partnerships, contact for more information on how you can begin!

(View this PBS special on the work of Dr. Anthony Silard, the President of The Center for Social Leadership, in Africa developing this model.)

Check out our first partner below!

Giathieko Primary School
is a public primary School in Ngewa Ward,
Githunguri Sub-County, Kiambu County, Kenya

“For the last 10 years the school has been performing poorly in national examinations.  For the last 5 years in a row, it has been placed last in its zone —  a cluster of 11 schools. The poor performance has been a result of consistent poor leadership in the management of the school at the Board Management level and the Senior Leadership of the school.

Last year the community donated the necessary textbooks as a means of ensuring that the kids have tools to enable them to read and do their homework. At the end of the year, the school was repainted, giving the study places a real facelift. Earlier this year the Alumni members of the school, together with the parents, decided to change the fate of the innocent school children.

We have partnered with The Center for Social Leadership to give a proper desk and chair for each child. We believe this will go a long way in the transformation journey we desire.”

– Francis Kihanya, community member

The desks and chairs that were purchased, with the donation match from The Center for Social Leadership.

Francis (far left) and the school children.



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