Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership

As the current or future executive director or senior leadership team member of a nonprofit organization, the pressures you deal with from day-to-day are enormous. Every day you are called upon to create and sustain an environment that enables your staff to renew their commitment and refine their skills.

But where do you, the executive director or senior management team member, go to renew your commitment and refine your skills?

The Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership program is hosted by the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy at George Washington University and includes professors from the George Washington University Business School, Harvard Business School, Harvard’s JFK School of Government, Oxford’s Said School of Business, Georgetown Business School and Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.

Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership is a course in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership. In this interactive course you will learn ‘transactional’ skills such as how to manage your staff, how to cultivate donors, how to build your board of directors and how to create a strategic plan – all through the lens of the transformational leader.

(I’m short on time right now and really just need to see how my organization would benefit from participation in this training program. Can I see a summary of what I will receive if I decide to participate in Transform?)

OK, sounds good, but what will my actual Classroom Experience be like from day to day?

What will the quality of the instruction be like? Who will be teaching the classes? The primary facilitator will be Anthony Silard, President of The Center for Social Leadership. All additional facilitators are CSL’s very carefully selected Best Practices Leaders.

How will the classes be taught? CSL uses an experiential, interactive framework in every aspect of this certificate program.

What about Social Activities that will help me build peer network of other nonprofit directors and have some fun?!

What will the Participant Mix be like? Which Sectors will they be drawn from? Is this the right program for me?

See a list of CSL’s thousands of Nonprofit Leadership Program Alumni – nonprofit organizations that have participated in CSL’s nonprofit leadership training programs. Check out the Video and Written Testimonials on Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership from some of our alumni.

(The above view is from the L-shaped promenade outside The City View room at George Washington University, where three of the 4 days of the Transform program will take place. The fourth day will take place in smaller breakout rooms at GWU. The indoor view of the City View room is below.)

How about the Measurable Value/Return on Investment of the program to our nonprofit that will justify my taking it? What are the future Organizational Outcomes and Organizational Takeaways we can expect?

Is this just a one-shot conference or am I joining a Continuous Learning Community that includes both preparation and follow-up so I can truly master the skills taught at Transform and make a long-term breakthrough in the development of my personal leadership style?

Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership is a unique opportunity available for current and future nonprofit leaders to discuss crucial skills areas with a diverse group of nonprofit leaders who will share their successes, challenges and insights into how to run an effective nonprofit organization.

Contact CSL
if you are interested in setting up a Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership for nonprofits in your region, focus area or funding area.



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  • Testimonials

    Tony's use of examples and stories always help clarify/illustrate his points – and keep the discussion interesting. What I find most important, is that Tony includes stories from his personal experiences and feelings. To me, that adds a level of authenticity and vulnerability that I see as a commitment to teaching and generosity that is unique.

    — J. Kevin Jones, Jr., Deputy Director, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

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    I love Tony’s passion for his topic! I also am very inspired by how he merges many cultural philosophies….I like how he makes leadership a ‘concrete’ idea…I wish the retreat had been longer.

    — Michelle Chun-Tuck, The Fresno Regional Foundation’s Nonprofit Advancement Center

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    I see myself continuing as an NGO leader because of my skills that I now have after this conference. Tony’s 15 Principles will help me in leading my organization to achieve its vision, mission and goals…This conference was really helpful and it should be organized again for other NGO Directors.

    — Brian Kayongo, Director, Adolescent Reproductive Health Advocates, Zambia

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    Tony Silard and the Center for Social Leadership are indeed transforming the way nonprofit leaders lead.

    — Clark Byron, D.Min., Coalition for Independence (CFI)

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    Tony was the perfect facilitator as he had walked the path I am on…I need more time for myself, I need to find balance and hone skills for my staff. I can learn a lot from Tony’s calmness and integrity.

    — Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, Executive Director, YouthBuild

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    The retreat surpassed my expectations! I want more training from Tony, and I’ll even drive for hours to it!

    — Andra Christensen, Board Member, The Discovery Center

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    Thank you Tony for helping me find my passion! Forty years of not knowing and to finally have an “ah ha” moment!

    — Pam Smartt, Connections for Life

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    This conference has dramatically broadened and encouraged my plans for my nonprofit enterprise... Thank you. A life-changing experience.

    — Art Shields, Lifesavers World Inc.

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    I believe that many of us learned a lot more than we anticipated we would. Tony’s workshops fueled conversations that continued through dinners, evening walks on the beach, and late night groups who gathered around wine and intense conversation....Tony helped us regain our focus and renew our passion and vision!

    — Janna Genovese, Executive Director, Womenspace Unlimited

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    The conference affected my philosophy of leadership. It taught me not to be a dictator, but to have vision and be a listener.

    — Linah Nkhonjela, Executive Director, Girls Brigade of Zambia

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    The workshop has really helped me to identify my blind spots. After this conference I will have an inclusive decision-making style. I will avoid the ‘I know it all’ attitude.

    — Emmanuel Malubila, Executive Director, Zambia Ex-Prisoners Rehabilitation and Counseling

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    I think Tony’s approach was good because we had the chance to discuss the different characteristics of a leader….He made us realize that we all have characteristics of leaders in us.

    — Patty Santucci, Outreach Worker, Youth Developer, The Latin American Youth Center

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    I have worked with 5 national organizations and have had the opportunity to participate in several leadership development programs, all valuable, but none of which compared to the quality and depth of ECPNL...The quality of the presenters was second to none...I highly recommend this Program for nonprofit leaders at any stage of their career.

    — Joe Elmore, CAWA Director,
 Strategic Development National Outreach – MS Gulf, Coast
Hurricane Katrina Recovery

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    CSL's nonprofit leadership training helped me fully appreciate my inner voice. It has allowed my philosophy of leadership to bloom!

    — Holly M. Gartmayer-DeYoung, Healthcare Executive on Sabbatical, Addison, ME

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    Tony’s sessions were practical, relevant, thought-provoking and clear. I would have enjoyed more time with him.

    — Shaheen Mistri, Executive Director, Akanksha, Bombay, India

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    Tony has a way of being that is authentic and welcoming. His passion and commitment was evident. The approach was powerfully and passionately delivered…The retreat absolutely exceeded my expectations. PASSION and TRUTH are contagious! Tony is an example of a confident, compassionate, gentle person who has made a difference in this world. He is very special and a treasure.

    — Sharon Gallagher, Board Member, American Red Cross

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    This was a 100% well-prepared, well-carried out, and well-received conference. I felt like the speakers knew exactly what our group's struggles were in maintaining and growing a nonprofit.

    — Sara Ortega, Mira Scholars Foundation, San Francisco, CA

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